Dr. Farrell is NOT a contracted WCB provider and therefore DOES NOT accept active WCB claims work. Patients with current claiming WCB related injuries are encouraged to contact their claims representative for a list of contracted WCB providers. Patients who seek care outside contracted WCB providers for work injuries may jeopardize their entitlement. If any uncertainty exists be sure to have written confirmation of your case worker's approval before booking an appointment.


If you experience a work-related injury that involves WCB insurance and want Dr. Farrell to assess your case, written authorization from your WCB case manager accepting Dr. Farrell's fee schedule must be received before your appointment is booked. You will be required to make payment for any related visits and seek reimbursement from WCB directly as Dr. Farrell's office will not bill WCB claims directly or on your behalf. Any reporting required for your case will be charged at Dr. Farrell's report writing rate which may not be reimbursed by WCB.

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