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The Radix Pain and Rehabilitation Centre proudly provides chiropractic and acupuncture services for those who served us. No referral is necessary


DVAC patients are automatically covered every year for 

  1. Assessment by a chiropractor for chiropractic treatment 

  2. Assessment by a chiropractor for acupuncture treatment 


If treatment is warranted following assessment, DVAC patients are automatically covered for 20 chiropractic visits and/or 15 acupuncture sessions administered by a chiropractor each year. No approval is needed.


We understand the pain and complexity that often accompanies DVA-related claims. Let us take command so you can keep your focus on civilian life, rehabilitation, and recovery. Our office will oversee the direct billing insurance process (Medavie Blue Cross) to limit any out-of-pocket expenses incurred for your treatment. We will coordinate with your DVAC case manager if/when required, so you don't have to. Such coordination is sometimes when treatment has shown benefit and the required treatment exceeds the preauthorized treatment limits above. 

Veterans Affairs Canada offers health care benefits to eligible veterans under 14 Programs of Choice (POC). Chiropractic services are included among the "Related Health Services" under POC 12. Medavie Blue Cross of Canada administers the payment for treatment benefits through the Treatment Accounts Procession System (TAPS). 


Health identification cards identifying eligibility to services and benefits are issued to clients and must be presented to your providers so direct billing can be processed.

Group A clients are veterans and civilians who have been granted a pension from Veterans Affairs Canada. 


B clients are veterans and civilians who are receiving an allowance under the War Veterans Allowance Act. As of December 2011,


Veterans Affairs Canada has set the frequency limit at 20 sessions per calendar year for chiropractic services. If the Veterans' treatment plan requires more than 20 sessions per calendar year, practitioners should contact the VAC Treatment Authorization Centre at 1-888-261-4033 to obtain approval for extended sessions.


If you have any further questions about DVAC treatment at The Radix Pain and Rehabilitation Centre, please email us at


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