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Dr. Farrell is accepting new patients. For the quickest booking option and to see all available appointments, please use the online booking service link above.


A credit card will be required to use the online booking service. Alternatively, you may contact 780-966-3876 and leave a message. Your call will be returned as soon as possible to coordinate an initial consultation date/time. Remember to leave some appointment time options in your message along with you name and phone number where you can be reached. 

Please fully complete your intake paperwork in the comfort of your own home. Intake forms will be emailed to you prior to your appointment and uploaded automatically for Dr. Farrell to view.

Late arrival/incomplete paperwork may result in an initial consultation needing to be completed over 2 visits and will be billed accordingly.

We suggest arriving 10 mins before your scheduled time for your first visit to familiarize yourself with our location and space. The first consultation is an hour and so many patients like to use the washroom etc. Getting this done before will ensure we can start with you immediately at your scheduled time and maximize the allocated time for clinical purposes.


Dr. Farrell will first listen to your concerns.  He will then complete a comprehensive review of your medical history and perform a physical examination.  The physical examination involves a range of general health, orthopedic, and neurological tests.  The exact tests are tailored to a patient's complaint. 


Aspects of your history and examination may prompt referral for additional testing.  Should additional testing (X-Ray, Ultrasound, or MRI) be required, Dr. Farrell will organize these tests for you. Dr. Farrell uses Alberta NetCare and therefore has access to most previous imaging and test results if performed in Alberta. If you are attending from out of province or have had tests done outside Alberta that are relevant to your presentation please bring these with you.

The history and examination process allows for a working diagnosis and treatment plan to be created. Dr. Farrell will discuss both the diagnosis and treatment plan with you. He will outline the frequency and type of appointments you will require for future bookings.  He will answer any questions you may have regarding his recommendations before treatment begins. Treatment in most cases can begin at the initial consultation. 


Initial consultations are booked for 1 hour.  Should extra time be required for testing the initial consultation may be conducted over two visits.  The office does not provide child care services.  We strongly discourage small children from attending the initial consultation to maintain an uninterrupted focus on the patient.  

Follow up visits are shorter (20-30 minutes) and easier for dependents to attend.  

Does the office run on time?
Your time is as valuable as ours.  Dr. Farrell makes every effort to run on schedule.  Unfortunately, not all clinical situations can be anticipated.  We greatly appreciate your understanding should such instances occur.


Please dress in loose, comfortable clothing. Ensure your attire permits any area of your complaint to be visualized, move, and physically accessed in an unrestricted manner. Gym attire works well. Jewelry should be removed. Should special attire be required for subsequent visits, Dr. Farrell will advise.



Dr. Farrell has Alberta NetCare access. Any blood work, lab tests, diagnostic imaging such as MRI, Ultrasounds, X-Rays completed in Alberta from other doctors can be accessed through this system. He will go through these with you. Many patients have attended out of province centers or treatment facilities in other countries. These studies and reports are not available on the NetCare system and so we ask you to bring copies of the reports and images if possible with you to leave with the clinic if you to have them reviewed.    


Dr. Farrell’s goal is to enable you to manage your health outside of his office. 

  • 1-3 visits/week for 2-3 weeks usually brings most patients out of an acute injury phase.  Treatment is spaced out gradually until a patient’s condition stabilizes.

  • The first follow up is usually booked 2-4 days from the initial consultation. 

Some patients choose to enjoy improved health through regular "check-up visits” following the resolution of the initial complaint.  Such visits are always at the discretion of the patient.  There is never pressure to continue treatment when a patient no longer feels it is beneficial. 


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I had an ongoing problem with vertigo for a few months and the third doctor i saw was finally able to refer me to someone who could help me. So i was referred to Dr. Farrell to treat my vertigo and he was able to resolved my problem on the first appointment. I went back to follow up,but my vertigo was completely gone! Dr. Ferrell diagnosed the problem quickly and accurately and proceeded with the treatment right away. He is very knowledgeable about vertigo and i would recommend him to anyone dealing with and type of vertigo.

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Daryl Davies

I have been a patient of Dr. Farrell for 2 years. I am a senior who is active, but dealing with leg and back health concerns. He is very knowledgeable, professional and goes well beyond in his treatments and explanations. i have great confidence and trust in his care. Always, after treatment, I feel better and feel improvement with the issues he has treated. As well, I had a specialist in my area of health concerns specifically recommend Dr. Farrell.
Great care! Excellent chiropractor!

Elizabeth Smith

Best Chiropractor ever!. If your dealing with chronic pain from medical issues or are at your wits end in getting a proper diagnosis & management and care of your health issues. Look no further I highly recommend him. For myself he has been amazing in the ongoing care & management of degenerative spinal care. He thinks outside the box, is very knowledgeable in understanding complex medical issues such as Autoimmune disorders affecting the whole body & most of all he's personable , positive funny & he puts the human element into your care . Thank you for what you do !

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