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Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Dr. Farrell offers independent chiropractic assessments for medico-legal purposes.   

For current patients involved in medico-legal proceedings, Dr. Farrell is able to offer detailed reports.

While patients may request reports, it is advised that they have their legal professional make a report request on their behalf.  Doing so ensures that the report drafted addresses the specifics relating to the legal arguments being made.

As a chiropractor with over 14 years of clinical practice, Dr. Farrell has attended patients with a wide variety of injuries. Dr. Farrell understands what constitutes a “gold standard” work-up for various neuro-musculoskeletal conditions and understands the importance of a thorough physical examination. He has witnessed many medico-legal circumstances where patients have not been assessed appropriately, and important findings were missed. Dr. Farrell understands that a poorly constructed or incomplete medical workup compromises a legal team’s ability to argue for compensation.


Meticulously documenting a patient’s deficits is essential to ensure the differential diagnosis is well constructed and any further diagnostic tests are appropriately selected to best objectify and quantify a patient's injury. Dr. Farrell understands the strengths and limitations of various types of imaging and medical testing for many neurological and orthopedic conditions.

Dr. Farrell is able to organize any required imaging directly if needed.

With extensive postgraduate training in neurology, orthopedics, and manual therapy, Dr. Farrell can correlate findings noted in MRI, Ultrasound, and X-ray to the physical examination. He deeply understands the biomechanics of the body. He can then articulate how a particular injury will specifically impact a patient’s ability to participate in various work or leisure-related tasks.   

Dr. Farrell’s interpretation of neurological, orthopedic, neuropsychological, manual therapy and rehabilitation findings can be particularly useful in cases where a patient's deficits are difficult to understand or quantify, such as in persistent neck pain, lower back pain, concussion, or when vestibular symptoms exist. 


Dr. Farrell applies a functional neurological interpretation to standardized tests to help seemingly invisible problems like a concussion, where MRI is often normal, to be understood and quantified. By understanding the functional interconnectivity of the sensory system, brain, and motor system, Dr. Farrell can articulate the complexity of various vestibular/perceptual dysfunctions in layman's terms and explain why patients may have persistent symptoms in certain situations.  

Dr. Farrell’s practice offers a variety of conservative treatment options for various neuro-musculoskeletal conditions.  First-hand familiarity with these treatments allows Dr. Farrell to understand where his skill set ends and other professionals begin.  He can organize referrals directly to any other required specialist and maintains good working relationships with specialists serving in Neurology, Orthopedics, Radiology, Physiatry, ENT, and Rheumatology.  Dr. Farrell regularly works with family physicians. Dr. Farrell will liaise as required to ensure a patient's workup for medical-legal purposes is as complete as possible.



With few exceptions, reports are completed within 4 weeks of request (existing patients) or of your client being seen (Independent Medical Examination).


Please call 780-966-3876 or email Dr. Farrell at to book your client or to request a report for an existing patient.

All legal-related services are billed at an hourly rate of $350/hr.
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