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Individuals injured in a recent motor vehicle accident must present to a qualified professional, such as a chiropractor, within 10 days of the accident. Failure to do so within this time may jeopardize their claim and ability to have funded treatment.


The Radix Pain and Rehabilitation Centre offers assessment and chiropractic treatment services for patients recently injured in Alberta motor vehicle accidents (MVA).


The majority of MVA claims qualify for direct billing and require no payment by the patient.


Our 1-hour initial consultation allows time to properly assess and document a patient's injury. Assessment and documentation are critical for MVA patients to ensure a care plan that addresses all their injuries and ensure thorough documentation in the event legal proceedings follow. 


Prospective patients will be required to complete an AB1 form available here.


Our office will also require the following information in addition to the completed AB1 form:

  1. Date of the accident

  2. Insurance policy number

  3. Name of insurer

  4. Name of the insurance body claim adjuster

  5. The fax number for the insurance body claim adjuster (email is not accepted)


What happens on the first visit?

Your chiropractor will take a history of your accident injuries and general health. Following this, a tailored physical exam will be performed to quantify and document any injuries. Your chiropractor will then provide you with a diagnosis and a recommended treatment plan based on the assessment. If no further diagnostics are required, treatment is often able to start on the initial visit.


What are "further diagnostics?"

If a severe undiagnosed injury is suspected, a patient may require further tests such as X-rays, ultrasound, or MRI before treatment can safely proceed. If such testing is needed, your chiropractor will coordinate this with your other health providers so you can remain focused on your recovery. Relax, Radix "has your back.' 


What does a Radix chiropractic treatment look like?

In-office treatments will be you 1:1 with your chiropractor. Your chiropractor will provide focused soft tissue massage, mobilization, manipulation, and rehabilitation exercises to address your injuries for the entirety of your scheduled treatment time. Any treatment is only administered with your ongoing consent and in line with your personal treatment preferences. At Radix, you always have the option to decline any therapy proposed to you. 


Many patients voice how our office is different from others after experiencing our 1:1 in-office approach. Patients appreciate not being left unattended for long periods or with assistants to do their treatment. They appreciate our undivided attention when we do not jump between rooms, treat other patients simultaneously, and forget where we left off with them. To provide our focused 1:1 care, we approach most supportive therapies such as TENS (zapper) and hot packs differently from other offices. In most cases, we believe these therapies do not require a professional or an office visit to be administered. Instead of using precious clinic time for supportive therapies that patients can do on their own at home, our in-office visit maximizes time for what patients can't do on their own. Instead, we will equip patients to perform these supportive secondary therapies at home to be done with the rehabilitation exercises we prescribe. We believe our approach maximizes treatment convenience and cost-effectiveness, both key components of quality care. 


I want to get massage/acupuncture or physiotherapy for my injury too. Is that a problem?

At Radix, our expertise exists in diagnosing and treating spinal and musculoskeletal injuries. We recognize that different professions may serve specific injuries or stages in recovery better with their profession's focus. We regularly work with other service providers collaboratively. We often refer and regularly co-manage patients with massage therapists, registered acupuncturists, physiotherapists, medical doctors, specialists, and mental health professionals. Radix can act as your physical treatment quarterback or be part of your team, just tell us what you'd like. 


I am already under the care of another clinic or therapy provider for my accident? Can I switch to Radix?

It is always your choice as to whom you choose to provide your care. However, insurance companies are only legally obligated to pay for one professional assessment for your MVA injury. Special approval from insurance adjusters has been awarded for having an additional initial assessment fee covered in some rare instances. Unfortunately, if your insurer denies coverage for a second assessment, the cost of any additional assessment must be paid by you. Following this, our office should be able to continue direct billing your insurer for any remaining chiropractic treatment coverage you may have remaining from your previous provider.

Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment 

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