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Never a second chance for a first impression...The first visit

Low back pain can be a challenging condition to treat.

Many anatomical structures in the lower back are capable of causing a patient's lower back pain and leg pain symptoms.

The key to the appropriate treatment of a patient's lower back pain is an accurate diagnosis. The diagnosis identifies the likely tissue most responsible for a patient's symptoms.

Common causes of lower back pain include lumbar disc bulge, facet joint problems, and sacroiliac or hip pain sources, all of which can mimic sciatica and leg pain symptoms.

The intake history, physical assessment, and general health history are key to exploring the underlying causes of a patient's lower back pain complaint. For instance, diabetes can contribute to various forms of lower back pain, as can many other health conditions. Understanding these background factors provides a platform for an accurate prognosis to predict how a patient will likely respond to treatment and how long treatment might take. Our experience is that doing this process well takes an hour on average. As the old saying goes, "you never get a second chance to make a first impression." We allow at least an hour for our initial intake appointments to ensure we are on the right track from the first visit!

If you don't feel you are currently on the right track with your low back treatment, hit the book now button, and we'll look forward to seeing you soon!


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