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Adjusted... Conveniently

The convenience of treatment is an important factor for any injury patient looking to maximize recovery quickly. With everyone living busy lifestyles, long travel distances to a clinic makes treatment counterproductive to a recovery effort.

For patients living in Southside Edmonton, The Radix Pain Rehabilitation Centre offers chiropractic and acupuncture services at a convenience, seven days a week. Open Saturdays and Sundays and later evenings we aim to make treatment as accessible as possible. Here are a few other things we do and feel are important for any patients looking for convenience in a clinic to provide injury recovery services.

A clinic should have free parking. Parking is

free in the front and back of our building. No stairs or elevators to take. Our door is only metres from parking stalls. Wheelchair accessibility and minimal physical obstacles to entering a treatment facility which can be an important factor for any patient suffering from lower back pain or any injury that impairs walking ability or mobility.

Our online booking system makes booking an appointment convenient 24 hours a day. Don’t waste time phoning offices during clinic hours only to be placed on hold. Book, cancel and reschedule appointments at 2 am. Online booking systems are always on your schedule.

Direct billing services. Don’t waste time tracking receipts and entering details in the cumbersome insurance rebate portals. A convenience clinic will do that for you; we certainly do.

Additional services. Training gym, massage therapy, psychology, and athletic therapy, are just some of the other services located within our building at Evolve Strength South. We are a one stop shop for your health and recovery. Squeeze in a workout with your chiropractor or a massage before or after your treatment.

If convenience is an important factor in choosing a clinic to deliver your treatment services, we look forward to seeing you. Please visit our main page and hit the book now button in the upper right corner!


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